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We have served Hong Kong residents for more than ten years. Our online trading experience is rich, and we will be able to provide you with personal services at home.

In Renaud Air, you are our valued customer, and all products are purchased to meet your needs. Whether it is an air purifier, we will be able to answer your questions one by one.

In addition, Renaud Air has officially become a member of the LBS Group! Swisher Group was established in Hong Kong in 1998 to introduce professional toilet hygiene management concepts and technologies to improve the hygiene environment of customers. With years of unremitting efforts, the Group's business scope has been extended to more than 30 cities across the Taiwan Strait and four places and Southeast Asia. We listen carefully, observe and think about the needs of customers, continue to innovate, and introduce diversified products, services and concepts to develop into a total hygiene solution (Total Hygiene Solution), in order to satisfy different customers.

LBS Group website:  www.lbsgroup.com.hk 

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With hundreds of high-quality products, including air purifiers, air replacement filters, water/shower filters, Nino Air is your place to meet all your family shopping needs.

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We deeply understand that customers consider the safety of online shopping, so in addition to the traditional online payment method, we also provide a series of other payment methods, including cash on delivery: when the goods are purchased, they will be paid in cash. Payment. We, Nino Air, have absolute confidence in our products. Every item has quality and authenticity guarantee. If it is damaged or the item is wrong, we will definitely replace it for you.

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