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Alen and Medic Filter Limited Lifetime Warranty

Alen and Medic Filter Brand – Limited Lifetime Warranty

If it is determined that your product failure is caused by material or technical problems during normal use, we will provide you with replacements parts or provide you with a replacement machine, if we cannot provide the parts. Replacement parts may be brand new or may be refurbished. All the replaced parts or equipment will be owned by the company.

How to enjoy the warranty?

This warranty service is limited to the original purchaser of the device. The proof of purchase must be presented to our Medic Filter warranty service representative. To obtain warranty service, send the faulty product or part to an authorized service center. The postage, insurance premiums, and shipping costs between the customer and our company are not covered by the warranty and will be borne by the purchaser. Please call (852)3755 0220 for the address of the warranty application.

Note that the limited lifetime warranty on the air purifier you purchased is valid only if the following conditions are acquired:

  • Follow the instruction in the user manual to operate the air purifier. This includes replacing the filter at least every six months to prevent the motor from becoming overtaxed and providing proof of replacement of the filter element every six months.
  • The replacement filter must be purchased from our authorized dealer or official website medicfilter.com.
  • There are no signs of the equipment: tampering, mishandling, negligence, accidental damage, alterations, and/or repairs by non-authorized service personnel.
  • The ownership of the air purifier has not been transferred.
  • Warranty has been transferred to new owner by paying $1000 or $500 and Purchase of a replacement filter, plus any costs of fixing an air purifier per each per air purifier(If not application to discontinued models, please check with us before buying 2nd hand model).
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*Please be advised that the Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid as long as the filters are changed on a regular basis (i.e. every 6 months if air purifier is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and it purchases your filters from Renaud Air to avoid any warranty issues as we will keep your filter purchase record up to date and your Limited Lifetime Warranty valid.