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Renaud air shosho air quality monitor
Renaud air Shosho Air Quality Monitor

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Renaud air Shosho Air Quality Monitor

Air pollution causes over 5 million deaths every year in China and Hong Kong alone. Now that the health facts are being known it is more important than ever to understand what the air quality levels are in your home or office.

Easy to use and Informative

Using the Renaud air Shosho air quality monitor is very easy. It will arrive precharged to your home, simply press the power button and it will start displaying your air quality immediately. We believe the simplest solutions provide are the best. With precise calibration, the monitor will display a reading of particles PM2.5 in size. The monitor will display a number and color reading. Start walking around your home of office and see what happens. Now you are finally empowered to make certain decisions that will allow you to live in a pollution-free environment.

  1. Know if your air purifiers are working.
  2. Know when it is safe to open the windows.
  3. Know whether your child is breathing clean air.
  4. Know whether it is safe to exercise
  5. Know when to replace the air filters in your air purifier.

Renaud air has long been known as the go-to expert in the industry simply because we only sell solutions that truly work.

The Renaud air Shosho air quality put the power of knowing back into your hands.

Renaud air Shosho Air Quality Color Indications

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